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Do you know what I do love?

What I really really love?
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Talking about the blog

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So every week I will tell you some personal choices of my own in several categories. So I will give you my:

* Splendid trend - it's the trend of the week, the one that is most talked about.
* Splendid Movie - which will featured the movie most interesting but also with the best art direction.
* Splendid Shopping - The most wanted thing, shop, places to shooping, tips, etc.
* Splendid Song - Most wearable song, the hit song but also the fashion music video song.
* Splendid Act - Something splendid that happen!

I like fashion blogues, I read it all time, but I don't want to copy anyone, so I will do my best because it's not easy to create something new. If you feel copied in anyway please tell me I will do something about that!


Little Miss Splendid

Oscars 2010

So the Oscars are tomorrow and Oscars means movies and fashion, which I LOVE! So who do you think will dress better? Who's getting the worst dress award? Well we don't know yet. But probably nude will be the main colour on the red carpet, but also new designers will rock this year. I wonder how Penelope Cruz will be, because she is always so splendid that I bet that will be huge success. But I'm kind of curious with Sandra Bullock, hoping that she will be fabulous to get the award... or don't.
But I'm showing you the dress that I love from last year Oscars 2009I really love Penelope in this vintage Balmain with 60 years old.
But I do love this one too. Okay, this is my favourite, I would tottaly wear this one.

This is the actress nominated also for best suporting role Taraji P. Henson with this beautiful Roberto Cavalli.

So last year we had a lot of nude, white, but I guess will continue having them, they just look so splendid.

Monday I will catch up with you with all the looks that I love.


Little Miss Splendid

First - Primeiro

wow! There's a new blog in town :)

Hope you like it.


Little Miss Splendid